Marketing report – Ecco Golf Biom Hybrid 2 Shoes

Marketing report – Ecco Golf Biom Hybrid 2 Shoes

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The aim of this assessment is to allow you to utilize your knowledge of the marketing theory and concepts you have accumulated over the course and develop a report that analyses and evaluates the marketing of a product (in the form of a physical good from product categories to be decided at the beginning of the semester (choose a manufacturer not a retailer)). You must be able to provide an ad for your product, preferably in some form of a current print (eg magazine, digital via the internet) for the product. Criteria

? Accurate identification of a product and discussion of company background, environmental analysis and main target market(s) of the product

? Demonstration of a comprehensive knowledge of marketing mix theory and conceptsand ability to apply that knowledge through a comprehensive, critical and insightful evaluation.

? Creative application of key marketing theory and concepts for articulating feasible recommendations, one of which focuses on improving CSR/sustainable aspects of the product’s marketing.

? Excellence in written communications skills by presenting an error-free, well written and correctly formatted written report using the guidelines provided in Summers and Smith (2014) Communication Skills Handbook.

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