Marketing impacts on society

Marketing impacts on society

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Major: business

Research Question: how can marketing and advertising have a negative impact on society?

Aim: The aim of this paper is to identify the negative impacts advertisement can have on societies.

Type of Focus: effects

Introduction elements:

Hook 1: advertisement plays a big role in our daily lives, it is responsible for all the posters and billboards we see everywhere

Hook 2: no matter where you go, you are bound to get hocked by an advertisement; whither it’s online, on a board or on TV.

Connecting sentences to thesis:

Point 1: the goal of advertisement is to attract customers to buy or use their product or to sell an idea.

Point 2: the way they are advertised can be approached wrongly.

Point 3: it might attract the wrong kind of people to the product or vice versa.

Point 4: this might lead to societies to change to the worse.

Thesis Statement: advertisements can have three major negative impacts on societies that lead to women feeling body conscious, debt and behavioral problems in children


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