Marketing Communications Comparison

Marketing Communications Comparison

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Instructions to Students: Identify two different events which are taking place in summer 2014.  Track their marketing communications electronically and via all traditional media  Write a 1,500-word report comparing the marketing communications tactics of both events using evidence of all their marketing, advertising and PR efforts. This assignment tests the following Learning Outcomes for the module:  Demonstrate an understanding of the role of marketing in developing and promoting or hosting an event  Apply the principles of marketing /customer research in developing target profiles The Assignment Task: You are to identify two quite different publicly-advertised events which are due to take place in summer 2014.  Track the marketing communications process used by each event promoter.  Prepare a written report of a maximum of 1,500 words comparing and critiquing the marketing of the two events. Using the material you have collected, your report should evidence and comment on: 1. Effectiveness of the website (particularly in respect of site navigation, speed of response and Search Engine Optimisation) 2. Effectiveness of associated advertising for the event including print, radio, TV, cinema and outdoor advertising 3. Any public relations material you see in the run-up to the event 4. Any sponsorship of the event or venue 5. Any sales promotion offered (e.g. kids go free to the event) or any direct marketing (e.g. mailouts, e mailouts and newsletters etc) You do not need to attend the event.


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