Marjuana on how its legal in the states but not federally

Marjuana on how its legal in the states but not federally

Marjuana on how its legal in the states but not federally

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This paper is for my ciminal justice class, so points should be in that ball park,and in area surrounding criminal juctice, paper should be on how Marjuana is legal in the states but not Federally and what goes into them being different and why.Here is the format/instuctions and at the end and example of citations…

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A Project Presented to Professor Demosthenes Long in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for CRJ 150: Introduction to Criminal Justice.

The Introduction section of the paper must inform the reader of the topic of your research. The last sentence of the Introduction section must begin This paper will examine/explore. Background The Background section provides the reader with a brief history of the issue, places it in historical perspective, and explains how or why it is important today Literature Review The Literature Review section informs the reader about the findings of your research. It must indicate what the scholars/experts have written about your topic Conclusion
The Conclusion section provides a brief summary of the entire paper.


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