Managing resources in the international business environment

Managing resources in the international business environment

Order Details:

You are to write an investment report of 3000 (-/+ 10%) words. You should analyze an internationally operating firm with publicly available reporting and summarize your findings in an executive report.

Address in particular the following questions with reference to your report:

1. What is the revenue, cost and profit structure of your chosen firm?

2. How has the firm been performing over time (minimum 3-year trend)?

3. What is the relative value of your chosen firm – i.e. perform a relative valuation of your chosen firm?

4. Is the firm significantly exposed to a particular firm and country?

5. What are the relevant factors (economic, political, etc.) affecting the firm’s profitability?

WORD LIMIT: 3000 words

Individual report:

The following is considered to be an acceptable and logical way of structuring your report.

Title Page:

The title page must include the following:

 The Title of the report

 Student number: your NAME must NOT appear in the report

 Course name and year of submission.

Module: FN 7226

Managing resources in the international business environment


Executive summary:

Maximum 300 words (not included in the words count) of a summary of the report’s main aim, approach, and results.

Table of Content Page:

This page lists the main parts of the report, together with their page numbers.

Report introduction:

A report should start with a description of the company in order to help investors understand the business, its industry, its motivation and any edge it might have over its competitors. These factors can prove invaluable in helping to explain why a company might be a profitable investment or not. To also capture key fundamentals to describe a company, look to Michael Porter; The Porter’s Five Forces model helps explain a company’s place within its industry. Specifically, the factors include the threat for new entrants to enter the market, the threat for substitute products or services, the extent to which suppliers are able to influence the company and the intensity of rivalry among existing competitors. You should briefly discuss these issues in the introduction of your report.

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