Managing and leading change

Managing and leading change

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What you see as some of the key insights emerging from your research? What sources offer supporting evidence and back up your key points? From your initial research shape a focus of an area of leadership/change that you would like to concentrate on when offering
your feedback to the Senior Management Team. It can be helpful to set up a working Title? – as this helps to give an indication as to the questions/issues you are working with, and the key subject areas to be covered in your focused feedback to the Senior
Management Team Highlight how your focus would help you to respond effectively to the requirements of the research to help shape your focus, consider the following guidelines;

Given the extensive breadth of leadership as a subject area you should use the initial research to choose and shape a focus area You should use the outline notes/plan to set up a focus that enables surfacing of issues and questions on leadership/change, rather than aiming to present ‘solutions’, frameworks and ‘answers’. (includes interesting
presentations on the nature and impact of leadership)
An Insead Business School video interview with the writers of a book
titled ‘It starts with one’ –

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