Management of Information Technology and Information Systems

Management of Information Technology and Information Systems

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This course is designed for managers who need to understand the role and potential contribution of information technologies in organizations. The focus of the course is on different information technologies and their applications in managing business critical data, information and knowledge. The course concentrates on the current state of IT in organizations, challenges and strategic use of IT, IT infrastructure and architecture, building, implementing and managing IT applications, and emerging issues such as intelligent systems, business process reengineering, knowledge management, and group support systems.

Students will learn what managers need to know about Big Data, Lean Startup (Steve Blank, Agile, Scrum, etc.), Cloud Computing, the multiple definitions of MIS, BYOD, Social Media in firms, Systems Security, IOT, Sociotechnical Systems, ITIL and Open Innovation in business organizations.

The course covers emerging IT issues such as: 1) using IT as a competitive advantage in large, medium, small and startup firms, 2) IT security and controls, 3) intelligent systems, 3) business process re-engineering, 4) knowledge management, 4) management of internal and external controls of the IT environment, 5) social networks, location based services and impact on business, (Web2.0), 6) group support and collaboration systems, 7) ERP systems, 8) Semantic Web (web 2.0-Web X.0), 9) Hardware/Software infrastructure, 10) Globalization and Outsourcing, 11) Cloud Computing, 12) Big Data and the Quantified Self, 13) Implementation of MIS/IT in organizations.

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