management of human behavior in organizations

management of human behavior in organizations

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You can ignore the course content part mentioned below, just use your personal opinions. This is a course in the diagnosis & management of human behavior in organizations. This paper should be roughly 5 pages (approximately 1000 words, double-spaced, 12-point font). The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to reflect on the course content (or your experiences in the course) and how it can be utilized to help you become your best self and fulfill your potential—as a manager, an employee, a spouse, a parent, a son, a daughter, a friend, or even as a member of your broader community.

For some students, the course material may have been interesting, exciting, and inspiring. For others, it may have seemed pointless, boring, and dull. Regardless of your views on the course and its content, your assignment is to reflect on the topics we have covered throughout the course and identify a single area in your life that
could potentially benefit from applying some of the concepts or tools we covered in class. Specifically, your short reflection paper should include the following:• Define a Role: Select a specific role that you currently hold or will hold in the future (e.g., manager, student, parent, spouse, etc.).

(I am currently a student)• Describe an Opportunity for Growth:
Related specifically to that role, briefly explain the gap between your current state and a desired future state. That is, describe an area related to your role in which you want to improve—where you have not yet fulfilled your potential. Be specific as to what improvements you want to see. What will success look like?• Develop a Plan: Using concepts, tools, theories, or other lessons learned from your course experience, describe an action plan for how you will work toward achieving your potential, or desired future state.

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