Management Chapter 11

Management Chapter 11

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For this journal you will visit a site and “data mine” information. *Note: Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser to use for this assignment. Safari is not supported.

Go to Select “Employment” (center of the page under Data Cube), then select a date in 2014 or 2015. Using the site and information on the site, produce the following tables: a. Number of U.S. federal employees by category size (large, medium, small) by country of service. b. Number of U.S. federal employees by category size, only for employees working in Australia. c. Number of U.S. federal employees by department within the large agency category, only for employees working in Australia.

Take a screenshot of all the tables to include within your journal submission (attach as .png, .jpeg, or within a word document). Depending upon the date you choose, some of the categories may not retrieve information. That is okay. In this case, I am looking to make sure you see the process of retrieving the information within different categories and tables. Even if the category information is not there, a table will still display.

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