male nude from Italy and/or Flander

male nude from Italy and/or Flander

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This essay will require some research (at least 3 published articles or books must be read and cited). It will also entail the careful visual examination of at least 3 works of art or architecture. In addition, the essay requires analysis, since you need to think about the research and the works of art to organize your essay logically. In other words, the essay requires research, careful examination of art, and the description in words of the features of the art, as well as analytical thinking and writing.

1)Write an essay on the representation of the male nude in art from Italy and/or Flanders in the period 1250-1500. A list of works of art to choose from will follow. Concentrate your discussion on one or more of the following aspects pertinent to the way the male body is depicted: a) the rise of naturalism; b) the study of anatomy by artists, including the medical knowledge of the human body during the period; c) concepts of the ideal masculine form, associated with the Renaissance revival of ancient theories of proportion, and the knowledge artists had of the way the male form had been represented in classical art, both from surviving ancient works of art and from ancient literary descriptions.

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