Major revolutions

Major revolutions

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we have looked at major revolutions or turning points that have shaped world history. For this part of your exam, discuss how the Scientific Revolution, the Democratic/Political Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the Modern Technological Revolution (i.e. the period from about 1900 to the present) relate to one another. Include at least two examples or references within each Revolution time period in describing how events in history link together.
Just break down each essay into parts and answer the specific questions within each question. For the two content essays (IndustrialRevolution and Imperialism) just follow the posted lecture notes for whichever one you decide to write on. For the Comprehensive essay, make an outline with each of the four revolutions (Scientific,
Political, Industrial, and Modern Technological which encompassesImperialism and World Wars) listed. Then, under each revolution put two examples of evidence that comes from that time period. After you do that for each one, then write an introduction that describes a common theme that you naturally find for each revolution. A good example would be how technology affected each or possibly the theme of how the Scientific led society to question and acquire knowledge. Give some examples that show this. Then, how did that spirit of questioning cause people to question their government in the Political Revolutions and then give a couple of examples. Once the Political Revolutions were done, it set up countries that had stable governments that wanted to expand but in order to do that they had to adopt the Industrial Revolution and cite a couple of examples where one nation conquered another using technology. Once that occurred, the Industrialized nations began to compete with one another which led to the World Wars where they competed with one another and give some details on how the wars occurred. Basically, you are linking each period with the next.

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