Major Case Study 1

Major Case Study 1

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Identify and explain some of the most notable reasons why Congress has allowed some federal agencies to utilize ‘special authority’ in their personnel practices. Identify some of the existing variations and flexibility in the
personnel system available to nearly all U.S. government agencies, AND then explain why Rainey asserts that the “variations and complexity appear to be part of the reason that federal managers want (even) more independence from” the existing personnel system? Identify and briefly explain some of the advantages that the ‘Critical Pay authority’ has produced at the IRS AND identify and briefly explain some of those possible drawbacks to this ‘special authority’. In relation to what we have read in the first portion of the course regarding the evolution of government personnel systems in the U.S. (and what you have read in this article), describe how the use of ‘special authorities’ creates a “Challenge of Fragmentation”. Rainey identifies nine ways in which “agencies that have special authorities for hiring critical and hard-to-recruit personnel tend to approach human resource management differently.” Select what you see as the two (2) most important AND explain why you feel the two you have selected are the most important for improving public agency performance (i.e. why these would enhance agency productivity).

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