Macro or General Environment for Churchill Downs Incorporated

Macro or General Environment for Churchill Downs Incorporated

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All details are in the instruction document. Please consider the document as your guide. I hope you follow it step by step; if you do so, it will make it easier for me and for you instead keep sending the report for revision. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Also, I will provide you with my friend report from last year to show the format I expect. You could also see what sub-sections she considered in her report. For example Technology: she talked about current technology and upcoming technology.

have attached my friend’s paper from last year to give you a better idea of what I expect. As you can see there is going to be a lot of graphs, charts tables, and pictures. Please make sure you include as much of charts, tables, pictures,graphs in the body of the report (not in appendices), but also make sure that count the words is made (I
paid for 4950 words (275 per page, you might have less in each page as there going to be a lot graphs, tables and statistics in the body of the report but please make sure that you make up the 275 words in the next page).

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