Lutheranism Word and Faith

Lutheranism Word and Faith

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Lutheranism was founded by Martin Luther (1483-1546) who was a very religious Roman Catholic. Luther was very concerned for the salvation of his soul in the hereafter. Lutheranism came about because of Martin Luther’s extensive knowledge of the scriptures and because his awareness of his sinfulness. This aroused his concern and caused him to try to find the best way to find forgiveness from God and be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church instruct its adherents to trust in their own love, religiousness, and good deeds and for the repentant sinner to have faith in Mary and all the saints. According to Martin Luther, this was not in strict accordance with the Gospel, the most important teaching in the Bible. The Bible taught Christians that Jesus Christ had already paid for the sins of mankind by bearing his crucifixion which washed humanity of their sins. Martin preached that all who truly believed this and trusted that Christ was their Savior were forgiven by God and could enter heaven as their inherent right.

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