A Look at Proposal Arguments

A Look at Proposal Arguments

A Look at Proposal Arguments

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A Look at Proposal Arguments As we seen, chapter fourteen addresses the various elements of proposal arguments. The second part of chapter fourteen (pp 330-46) consists of various proposal arguments as example to analyze. For our next task, we will choose a proposal argument (from the examples given in the book or located outside of class). We will then write 2-3 paragraphs looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the argument. Please remember to use complete sentences and to present your best writing at all times during this class. It is paramount to our growth that we are always demonstrating professional communication in the online classroom.

What you should do:
 Locate a proposal argument
 If not from the book, post it on blackboard
 If from the book, please indicate which one
 Include your analysis of the work

Consider the following questions:
 Is it persuasive? Why or why not?
 Does it effectively use ethos, pathos, and logos?
 What action is it asking for?
 How is it presenting a need for action?


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