Literature review, Literature Synoposis

Literature review, Literature Synoposis

Literature review, Literature Synoposis

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Literature review, Literature Synoposis This assessment is in 2 parts and is equivalent to 2400 words. Students are required to carry out a literature research about a public health promotion issue (SMOKING TOBACCO)

Student are given the following guidance:

Part A (equivalent to 1,400 words) Compile a file which includes a 100 word synopsis of EACH of the following

2 books (SMOKING RELATED)= 200 words
5 journal articles (SMOKING RELATED) = 500 words
2 websites (academic, AND SMOKING related)= 200 words
2 relevant electronic database (SMOKING related)= 200 words
2 useful organizations (health related- summary)
1 example of relevant statistical data.(you may include an extract of
the statistical data and write your analysis underneath.

for each book, journal article, web site, electronically data base and source of statistical data, you need to provide a full and accurate reference, both within each section and within the main references section at the end of report, using the Harvard System. please provide suitable headings for each section (i.e books, journal, articles, websites, electronic database, organizations, and statistical data) so that your report is clearly presented. For each of your chosen organizations you must provide the full postal address and any contact details.

i.e, Sub heading of the books, journals …… etc


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