Literary analysis paper

Literary analysis paper

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Essay One—Literary Analysis Paper
The final product will be your analysis with at least 500 words on one
of the selections that have been covered in the class. For this paper,
you will need to narrow your topic, perhaps focusing on characters or
themes, structure, setting, symbolism, or style. Secondary sources are
not required and thus the selection itself suffices as your only
source. This being the case, you should incorporate quotations from
the selection itself to support your argument (using the MLA method of
documentation, of course). However, you are free to use secondary
sources. Again, be sure to follow the MLA method of documentation.
 Your Literary Analysis Paper will be written in the form of an
essay, controlled by a thesis.
 Focus your paper on a limited number of points—don’t try to discuss
all the literary elements of the work—then proceed to explain,
support, and illustrate these limited numbers of interpretive points
in depth, as clearly, effectively, and specifically as you can.
 Place a separate Works Cited page at the end of your Literary
Analysis Paper if you have outside sources in the paper.
 Your target audience is the instructor and other ENG 1102 class
members, so assume that your audience has already read the literary
work in question, i.e. you do NOT have to give a lengthy detailed plot
summary of the selection.
 PROOFREAD AND EDIT your Literary Analysis Paper before submission.
Grammatical errors that hurt the clarity, coherence, and effectiveness
of your written expression will be considered in grading.
 Read the sample essays on the following pages: 15-16, 27-29, 65-72,
77-80, 139-40, 160-63, and 215-22.

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