My life’s Symphony Application

My life’s Symphony Application

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What is “My Life’s Symphony”?

Imagine that you had access to one of the best music composers who took on the job of representing your life in music in a genre that is meaningful to you and people in your social circle. The app connects to your social media and collects information that you have available in the public domain. In addition, the App asks for key bits of other information that may not be generally available that represents seminal moments in your life – events that relate to defining moments in your life and their durations. By accessing information available on social media apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pandora, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., it figures out amazing things about you. Some of them will even surprise you. The app then goes on to construct a musical score and even create a symphony in a musical genre that best reflects you. You can share "My Life’s Symphony" with all those people that you wish to connect with or are already connected to. It makes people understand you in a better way. "My Life’s Symphony" app uses deep-learning genetic neural networks to construct a deeper you in a way that words and pictures cannot. All the information provided in this survey will be kept confidential. The information will only be used to analyze data for my dissertation.

I hope that answers you will provide in the questionnaire are to your best based on your real life situations and experience. I am grateful for your time to complete this survey.

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