Legal Framework in Employment (2)

Legal Framework in Employment (2)

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Whilst it is accepted that information will be reproduced and that there will be errors and misconceptions, students must even at this level demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of the statutory and common law provisions governing duties owed between employer and employees, Equality Act 2010 provisions and termination of employment. In respect of criticality, whilst the scripts falling within this band will show description or a repeat of given facts, students must still show a basic level of critical analysis of the law whether statutory or common law such as cases. Criticality involves three stages – stage 1 involves analysis of the specific regulations and statutory provisions governing this area as well as principles established by relevant case law. Most of this will be from the lecture and seminar sessions rather than from further and better reading. Stage 2 requires application of these principles to the facts given in the scenario. Scripts falling into this category will normally provide superficial application which will show lack of reading or understanding of relevant legal provisions. Finally, stage 3 involves drawing relevant conclusions and applying them to the facts given so that a legally-evidenced advice is given to Craig and Melissa.


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