Leadership Reflective Journal

Leadership Reflective Journal

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Individual Assignments Required Individual Assignment: Reflective Journal Throughout this module, you will be asked to reflect on your learning and record those reflections in a Reflective Journal. For each Reflective Journal entry, a series of question prompts is provided to help you guide your writing and thinking. Keeping a Reflective Journal serves two purposes. First, it helps you make sense of your learning by allowing you to organize your thoughts and understand the themes of the module. Second, it enables you to prepare one element of your Final Project: a Reflective Portfolio composed of your Reflective Journal entries.  In future modules, you will be asked to prepare a final reflection on your learning on the module, but not necessarily to create Reflective Journal entries in each unit. The Reflective Journal Assignments in this module are a special feature designed to help you learn how to
engage in effective reflection. For this unit’s Reflective Journal, you will reflect on the managerial roles gap analysis you completed using this unit’s resources. Managers, as you have studied this week, perform many different roles. Mintzberg’s research identified a set of competencies that are important for each of these roles. Also in this
unit, you examined the importance of self-reflection leading to enhanced self-awareness. In this assignment, you will apply your developing skills of self-reflection to assessing the gap between your current competencies and those required for your current or a desired job.

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