Leadership Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy

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WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1 – LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY 1. Objective. Communicating your leadership philosophy and vision of how you lead your organization or subordinates are essential to becoming an effective leader. One of the first steps in becoming an effective leader is to develop and articulate your personal leadership philosophy statement.2. Instructions. Prepare a written paper of your personal leadership philosophy that demonstrates both the understanding and mastery of organizational leadership skills and actions. Your philosophy will only be effective if it is read, so keep it short. There is no prescribed length or format; however, most leaders are able to keep theirs to no more than two typewritten pages. Use Arial font, 12 pitch. Some key elements to consider:• Personal values such as honesty, commitment, respect for others.• Description of how you carry out your responsibilities.• What your priorities are.• What you expect of your people and how you will evaluate them.• What your people can expect of you.3. As you prepare to write your paper, we recommend you first go to the “This I Believe”.These inspiring stories will help you understand the power of self-awareness and the role of core values in shaping one’s leadership philosophy. The audio essays include: President Harry Truman, "A Public Man Must Live in the Present," GEN Colin Powell, "The America I Believe In," and Senator John McCain, "The Virtues of the Quiet Hero." You can find these by using the search engine on the “This I Believe” page. 4. References. a. AR 25-50, Preparing and Managing Correspondence b. ADP 6-22, Army Leadership, pages 1-9 c. Student Handout, “Why Write a Leadership Philosophy?” by Gerald Sewell

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