Lactaid Magnum Bars Marketing

Lactaid Magnum Bars Marketing

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A marketing plan should be the blueprint for a successful marketing effort. As such it needs to anticipate all that will affect the viability of the effort and specify action to facilitate success and forestall failure. The plan needs to be thorough, insightful, and comprehensive. The key to successful planning is a meticulous situation analysis, therefore careful attention needs to be paid to this early portion of the effort on the basis that, if you truly understand the circumstances, knowing what to do comes rather easily.

Your role in composing this marketing plan will be that of a consultant (internal or external) to the company which has undertaken a new product venture. Remember, the company is the audience. Write as you would to a professional client. In keeping with this posture, maintaining the third person, objective voice is appropriate. Avoid writing promotionally; rather be objective, clinical, detached.

In addition to the requirements governing formal written assignment in this course (found on the bottom of page 3 of the syllabus), a good style to follow is: single space within paragraphs, double-space between paragraphs center, bold major headings; left-justify, bold sub-headings; left-justify, italicize sub-sub- headings, etc. maintain parallelism when treating similar matters (i.e., various parts of the plan) avoid unspecific pronouns; never leave the object of your sentence unclear… even if that means seeming to be redundant in using nouns or names use any standard guide to citations and references, but follow it consistently place diagrams, tables, or figures that are not absolutely germane to the body discussion, or are too cumbersome to fit cleanly in the narrative, in an appendix and clearly note it in the text.

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