( Kmart )Several anonymous letters from Kmart employees to SEC claimed that Kmart’s accounting was dishonest

( Kmart )Several anonymous letters from Kmart employees to SEC claimed that Kmart’s accounting was dishonest

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A. Well-Sourced Thesis: The paper has a well-sourced (discussed below) thesis aka proposition. For instance, last quarter, one student’s thesis was that balance billing in the medical profession is unethical. A second student’s thesis was that ethical banks must create, maintain and enforce both courses of conduct and codes of ethics. A third student’s thesis was that selective marketing is unethical.

B. Proper Structure. You have heard this before ( I am sure), but it bears repeating: “organization is half the battle.” The following are the five essential elements of a term paper. Title page: It should include the following: Title of the paper, name of student-author, instructor’s name, due date, and name of course

Introduction In one-three paragraphs, present your thesis (e.g., balance billing in the medical profession is unethical), and describe the goal(s) of your paper. That is, tell me what you intend to prove, and the way(s) you will achieve this/these goal(s). For instance, “by discussing real life examples and hypotheticals, I will illustrate
that balance billing in the medical field is inherently unethical.”Main body. This is, of course, the “middle” of your paper. It will comprise, by far, the biggest part of your document. This is where you should present your facts, and explain your points and opinion(s).Also, this part contains citations to your sources. To repeat, you must use APA citation style format – please see the example I will post in Course Materials over the weekend. Conclusion: At the end of the discussion, there is a summary of the student’s arguments/opinions. Please remember, you must base everything you say in the conclusion on the facts (evidence) that you presented in the main body.Reference Page: Here is where you will list all of your sources: You will provide the name of the authors, the year of publication of their books/articles, and the page number from where you cited the information.

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