Kiehl’s men’s line

Kiehl’s men’s line

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I. Executive Summary (The executive summary should include a concise statement of the problem, a short summary of the major points arising from your analysis, and the major recommendations from your analysis including total cost of the proposed plan). (OR: What I Know, What I Sought, What I Found, What I Learned).

II. Table of Contents

III. Introduction to the Chosen Company (Should contain the mission,

history, business objectives, competitors, product, pricing strategy,

distribution, promotion)

IV. Target Audience ( a description of at least two market segments detailed)

V. SWOT Analysis

VI. Marketing Objectives & Strategies

VII. Creative (Should include Creative strategies (possible and final); a

creative brief; and a section on creative execution.)

VIII. Media Plan (to include media objectives and for each media objective

there should be a strategy, budget, tactics, and rationale, Should contain

at least two media objectives.)

IX. Public Relations Objectives and Tactics

X. Direct Marketing Ideas (Objectives and Tactics)

XI. Sales Promotion Ideas (Objectives and Tactics)

XII. Measurement and Evaluation Plan

XIII. Conclusion

XIV. References

An excellent example of what your IMC Campaign should look like can be found at

this link: campaign.pdf

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