Journalism, mass media and communication Which media will affect humans aggressive behavior more, video games or film violence?

Journalism, mass media and communication Which media will affect humans aggressive behavior more, video games or film violence?

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This is the capstone project for this course. This investigation report should demonstrate your understanding of communication methods by effectively outlining your research by: presenting a strong rationale for your study (literature review), discussing the methods used for data collection (method), while presenting and interpreting your results (results & discussion). Below are specific guidelines for preparing your investigation report for final submission. Start each section on a new page.

Description of Research Design: If I wanted to replicate your study, how would I do so? Take me through your study step-by- step (see 1 & 2 below).

1. Study Location: Where did you collect your data? How did you recruit participants? How was it collected (i.e., paper-pencil)?

2. Description of Measures Used: Provide details about your survey. If you used a pre-established survey measure, cite it and discuss it here. If you created your own survey measure, talk about how you created it – making sure to cite the validity of the measure.

Analysis: What statistical test was used? Why was it used? Hint: for most of you, your analysis will be a ‘t-test’.

Results – 1 paragraph

In this section you are announcing your findings. It is direct and to the point. Based on your research question, what did you find?

Discussion – 1 ½ – 2 pages

In this section, you discuss what your results mean and how they relate to your study population.

Future Research & Limitations – ½ page Now that you’ve run the study, you know what works and what doesn’t work. Talk about the next steps if you were going to continue this line of research. Provide 2 potential future directions for this research. Then outline the limitations of your study. What would you do differently if you were to run the study again? Don’t just say that you would change the survey questions – talk about why your survey questions were problematic – so be specific.

References: All cited works should be included in this section according to APA guidelines.

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