Journalism, mass media and communication critical analysis

Journalism, mass media and communication critical analysis

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Below are some suggested essay topics: you may formulate your own. Please keep in mind the criteria and remember that with critical essays you are advised to consult secondary sources, and that these need to be correctly cited referenced in a bibliography.

1. Write a critical essay based on a key idea from the lecture program — for example, reading and empathy, history and fiction, reading the country — that focuses on one (or more) of the set texts.

2. Nabokov says the wise reader reads not with the heart, not with the brain but with the spine. Discuss any of the set texts that you read with the spine, and explain why this text had an impact upon you.

3. Write a close critical analysis of your chosen text paying particular attention to at least three of the following areas: style, structure, voice, characterisation, symbolism and narrative approach. You may elect to focus on a key chapter or section of a longer novel (eg the agricultural show scene from Madame Bovary, as discussed in classes) but you must demonstrate familiarity with the whole text.

4. Imagining that you are a bibliotherapist, what problems might your clients present you with, and what texts would you prescribe for them and why? Extended discussion of at least one of the set texts is required in your response.

5. Taking one of the set texts that has been adapted for film or TV, write an analysis of the text and compare and contrast the original with the adaptation. You may offer your personal opinions but these must be argued convincingly and supported by specific reference to the texts.

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