Journalism, mass media and communication how can TV commercial affect children?

Journalism, mass media and communication how can TV commercial affect children?

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How can TV commercial affect children?

In our group project, our research targets are parents who have children age of 6 to 12 years old and who watch TV. We know that TV commercials affect to children a lot, and there are positive and negative effects. Since children are too young to know what is positive and negative, the only ways to get answers are from their parents. Because parents always taking care of their children, and they really focus on their children. So parents could be the research objectives.

Our units of analysis is about TV commercial effect to Children, our research focusing on parents who have children at the age from 6 to 12 years old, and also the negatives things that children learned from TV commercials. We are going to do in person survey to those parents, and probably we are going to ask around 40 parents to help us. We are going to do face to face way interview those parents and let them finish the questionnaire.

By our first test, we interviewed four persons. All the people that we interviewed were totally certified to our requirement(face to face interview). We interviewed them face to face, we talked about a couple minutes to know their background and information at first, and let them took about 5-10 minutes to finish our questionnaire.

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