Journal Article Review

Journal Article Review

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You are required to critically review 6 journal articles on various
topics in either communication or social skills. The following
question(s) must be addressed in each review: If your article is on
the topic of communication: In what way does this article expand your
knowledge regarding the language and communication process for
children or adolescents with ASD and their families? Discuss this
knowledge as it specifically relates to: a) Receptive/expressive
language, b) Cognitive communication, c) Social aspects of
communication, and d) Communication modalities. Each article must: •
Be scholarly (peer-reviewed) from one of the Liberty University online
databases, • Be current (within the last 5 years), • Be related to
students with autism, and • Not be from an Internet source. Each
review must be: • At least 3–5 pages, • APA format including: o
Margins, o Font style and size, o In-text ditations, and o Reference
list that begins on a separate page. Each Journal Article Review must
also cite at least 1 scholarly, peer reviewed source in addition to
the course textbooks and Bible.


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