Journal 4 – Career Documents Self-Reflection

Journal 4 – Career Documents Self-Reflection

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Before you begin, review the graded presentation rubric posted to the folder labeled Career Documents. For your fourth journal entry, I want you to use the Four Elements of a Finding to evaluate your career documents, namely your cover letter. To accomplish this, use the criteria defined on the rubric that I provided for you (the standard for these criteria is a score of a 7). For each criterion found on the rubric, I want you describe your behavior (condition), discuss whether or not you met or exceeded the standard (effect), and discuss the reasons for your behavior (cause). Finally, I want you discuss whether or not you agree with the score that I gave you; additionally, I want you to discuss steps that you need to take to improve your score.

Review the Grading Standards

Before drafting your journal entry please read, “How to Write a Journal Entry.” This document provides you with all of the standards that I used to grade your assignment. Note: Generally, the minimum length of a journal entry is one-page or 500 typed words. Failure to meet the minimum requirement will result in a zero (0).

Submit Your Assignment Properly

To submit your assignment, you will need to post it to your personal Dropbox > Journals (see. Create a Dropbox Account). Please name your file using the file naming convention from the syllabus–

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