Job Description for a Human Services Manager

Job Description for a Human Services Manager

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In Unit 6, you conducted an interview with a human service professional. Using knowledge gained from that experience and any additional research you conduct, write a detailed job description for a manager or supervisor in a specific human service agency of your choosing. You can choose a human service setting where you have already been employed, one where you would like to be employed in the future or one that is related to the social problem you have chosen for your final project.Examples of agencies include counseling centers, Department of Child and Family Services, faith-based organizations, homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers, hospice agencies, women’s shelters, senior housing facilities, adoption agencies and prison settings. You may choose a human service setting that is not included in this list. For the assignment, be sure to include: The type of agency where the manager will work. My answer to that: Director of a substance abuse aftercare halfway house.

A description of the specific duties and tasks required for a manager in this setting.

My answer to that: Look at the interview above. Write the paper as if I want to be in the same position that he is.A description of the specific skills needed for a manager in this setting. Need to compile my answer to this based on the above interview.A description of the educational and certification or licensure requirements for that position. My answer to this: The only requirement to be hired for that position is personal lived experience followed by a sustained period of recovery.Preferred language style   US English

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