Jackie Ormes the Cartoonist

Jackie Ormes the Cartoonist

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The paper should be a critical analysis of the work (compare/contrast paper is best), but an informational paper is also acceptable but you will not receive the same grade as a critical paper. A bibliography of a MINIMUM of 3 sources should be at the end of your paper. Only 1 of these sources can be from the Internet (this does not include reliable internet sources (museums, etc.) or online books and journals. The remaining sources must be books or journal articles from a library (the textbook cannot be used as one of your sources).

Paper due dates: Paper topic due March 17 (if you are presenting after this date) Early hand in for review May 3rd Final paper due May 10th

The 100 points are based on fulfilling the requirements for the assignment. If you hand in your paper prior to or on May 6th I will grade it and return it to you the next class meeting with comments. You may either keep that grade or improve upon it (if necessary) and hand it back to me on the actual due date for re-grading. LATE
ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE MARKED DOWN ONE LETTER GRADE FOR EACH CLASS MEETING LATE In case of extreme emergency verification will be required. The final paper is due on May 10th.

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