IT Security Threats for Data Breaches

IT Security Threats for Data Breaches

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Topic ( IT Security Threats and Data Breaches )\n\nThe goal of this research paper is to learn something new and share it with your peers!\nSelect a topic pertaining to this course (data networks, telecommunications & security) and write a college level research paper (APA) including proper citations and a supporting reference
section. The emphasis of this paper is to select a research topic pertaining to this course that is of interest to the student. The research paper should be informative and educational for the class. Students must inform instructor the topic of their research paper and have it approved by the instructor before proceeding with their literature review.\nFor your literature review, use FCC\’s online Library database to access recent and relevant articles or journals, you can also use Google Scholar or Google to search for published articles or journals (books are great resource too). Corporate White Papers, Corporate product literature, and market research reports are also good sources for your report. Your paper can include pictures and graphs, but don\’t make them too big to avoid writing.

nPlease use APA style for writing this paper! You can use direct quotes, and paraphrase, so please do not plagiarize. Give the authors credit for what they wrote and you will do well. Your papers will be submitted and filtered using TurnitIn to validate authenticity. If you do a good literature review, you should have no problem writing a
college level research paper that is 10 pages long, double spaced with one inch margins (left and right). I will be judging you on the content and clarity of your paper.Please avoid blogs since they are not peer reviewed. Please see attached Rubric.\nWeek 2 of class, student informs instructor the topic of research paper.\n• Structure of paper:\no Title page\no Table of contents\no Body of paper\no References\n• Content of paper:\no Introduction\n What is your topic and why is it important?\n How does this topic impact business?\no Provide an in-depth review of topic.\no Future implications?\no Impact on your career?\no Summary\n• Format of paper\no APA (please specify
which format will be used)\no Double spacing\no Times Roman font\no 10 point font size\no 1 inch margins (left / right)\no ½ inch margins top
& bottom\n

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