issues and trends

issues and trends

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I. Comprehensive Presentation of Issue(s)/Trend(s). Reference state is the state of Georgia A. Nurse Practitioner Role 1. Define “role” (theoretically). (2 points) 2. Discuss the history of the nurse practitioner role, in general. (3 points) 3. Define family nurse practitioner. (2 points) 4. Discuss the history of the FNP role (3 points) B. Licensure vs. Certification 1. Define licensure. (2 points) 2. Define certification. (2 points) 3. Differentiate between licensure and certification. (3 points) 4. Provide examples of each concept. (3 points) C. Scope of Practice 1. Discuss the FNP scope of practice and standards of care. (5 points) 2. Provide specific examples of practicing inside and outside the FNP scope of practice. (5 points) 3. Discuss the relevance of State Practice Acts regulating FNP practice. (3 points) 4. Include specific examples of the State Practice Act within your state. (2 points) 5. Discuss credential and privileging of the FNP including how to
initiate the process in a local health care facility (5 points) D. Health Care Policy/Legislation 1. Differentiate between legislative and regulatory processes. (2 points) 2. Discuss a relevant local, state, and/or national health care policy issue (5 points) 3. Explain the significance of the FNP role to promote and preserve healthy communities. (3 points) E. Prescriptive Authority and Other Challenges of the FNP Role 1. Discuss the issue of Prescriptive Authority including level of autonomy (5 points) 2. Explain the role of the Drug Enforcement Agency. (2.5 points) 3. Discuss electronic prescriptions in clinical practice (2.5 points) 4. Discuss one other issue or challenge related to role
delineation/implementation. (5 points) F. Conclusion – based on findings presented in the paper (5 points) (5 points)  G. Scholarliness in Writing (3 points each)

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