Investment Research Assignment

Investment Research Assignment

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Financial Summaries: A financial summary of each company has been provided. See D2L, Course Content, Investment Research AssignmentImagine that you have $100,000 to invest. You are going to invest it all in one investment for the next 5 years at which point you will reevaluate both your investment and personal situation.You will invest or not invest the full amount your assigned company. These are your only 2 options.Not invest in the assigned company and keep the $100,000 in a bank savings account earning 5% per year.

Invest in the Common stock of company assigned to you.You will be performing the analysis from the perspective of an investor who is 25 years from retirement. The investor’s current income exceeds living expenses. The investor has a liquid net worth of $1,000,000 of which 40% is invested in the S&P 500 index, 40% in a medium-duration, high quality bond fund and 20% in a savings account earning 5% interest per year. You are to determine if the investor should take $100,000 from
the savings account and purchase $100,000 of this company’s common stock.Where are you going to invest your $100,000? Why? Your recommendation should address the investor’s reasonable questions including the following:

What is the problem? What are you trying to figure out?What information and financial tools from this course did you use to make your recommendation? You have many tools in your financial toolbox.Chapter 3: Financial Statements and Ratio AnalysisChapter 4: Cash Flow and Financial PlanningChapter

5: Time Value of MoneyChapter

3: Financial Statements and Ratio AnalysisChapter

4: Cash Flow and Financial PlanningChapter 5: Time Value of MoneyChapter

4: Cash Flow and Financial PlanningChapter 5: Time Value of MoneyChapter

5: Time Value of MoneyChapter
7: Stock ValuationChapter 8: Risk and the Required Rate of ReturnHow

8: Risk and the Required Rate of ReturnHow
did you use this analysis to form conclusions and make a logical

The expectation is that you will use a minimum of 2 tools from the first half of this course (Chapters 3, 4, 5) and 2 tools from the second half of the course (Chapters 7, 8).Your grade will be based on how well you: Write: This is a writing assignment. Business writing needs to be clear and organized so the reader can easily follow your
thinking.Define the company: What does the company do? Are there recent events that impact the investment decision?Define the problem:
What information and financial tools did you use in your analysis? You are not expected to use all the analytical tools covered in this class. Quality is better than quantity.

Do the analysis: In using the analytical tools, did you calculate them correctly? Do you understand what they mean and how to apply them? Make a recommendation: Does your conclusion and recommendation logically flow from your analysis?Please limit your response to 2 to 3 pages, typed, double-spaced, plus no more than 2 pages of exhibits.This is both a math and a story assignment: your math has to support your story and your story has to support your math. You need to be concise, relevant, and convincing.

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