Interview Paper

Interview Paper

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Students will meet in person with an individual who has lived in The United States less than two years. The student will pre-plan interview questions for the assignment to understand how the interviewee has transitioned to life in the U.S., how they have kept any traditions, cultural practices, and family practices throughout the move to the United States. This paper is two pages in length and can be reported in Q and A format or descriptive format. Please upload a digital copy of your assignment to Canvas.  Some ideas about topics to address should be: Why did they move here? The differences and similarities between their culture and country to the U.S. Some things that they enjoy about living here, things they miss about home. Some things about their social life, education, customs or food. What their most difficult adjustment has been, etc. – Please feel free to add any other topics or include any follow up questions as your conversation progresses. This whole process should be about getting to know someone in a conversational style and not just because you have an assignment due.  The concluding paragraph must include some personal reflection about things you learned from the entire interview process.

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