Interview and investigation essay

Interview and investigation essay

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The essay will consist of four questions. Provide detailed and specific answers for each. Provide a detailed response and analysis of the question presented, consisting of no fewer than four typed, double-spaced pages, with proper citations and references to appropriate authorities (Please see appropriate Bluebook method for citations Please refer, cite and apply the applicable ethical model rules, rules of procedure, rules of evidence, and/or federal, state (Ohio) or local laws when providing an
analysis of the question presented.

1. What types of evidence may a judge or jury consider in deciding a case? Describe and give examples of each type of evidence. Also describe ways in which a paralegal should obtain evidence and get it admitted into court. How is evidence admitted into court? Who has the authority to admit it?

2. The purpose of interviewing a client or witness is to gather information. What reasons are there for gathering information? Can the information gathered be used for more than one purpose? If so, what steps should be taken to gather relevant evidence? Give examples of ways you can collect relevant evidence

3. Part I of II: You have two new clients coming in this afternoon for a meeting. The first is the CEO of a nearby bank. He will be discussing a car accident that occurred recently. His Mercedes was totaled, and he was injured in the accident. He has already undergone several back surgeries. What steps are you going to take to prepare
for the interview and make the client feel at ease in the office? Part II of II: The second client is a member of a local motorcycle club. He was involved In a car accident as well. He was driving down the road at dusk, and a woman driving an SUV pulled out of a grocery store parking lot and hit him, knocking him off his bike. He suffered a broken leg. He is the owner of a motorcycle repair business, but is losing a lot of time at work because of his injury.What steps will you take to prepare responses to the legal issues that may arise?

4. Part I of II: You are going to have some clients in the office this afternoon who witnessed the accidents described in Question 3. The first witness is an elderly woman who was right behind the motorcyclist when the accident happened. What special circumstances might you expect to consider when interviewing her? There were two boys, ages 11 and 12, riding bicycles in the parking lot of the grocery store when the accident happened. They both gave their names
to the police officer saying that they saw the woman hit the motorcyclist. What special circumstances might you expect to consider in interviewing the boys? Now assume the boys are 15 and 16. Is there a difference(s) in how you will handle the interview? Explain. What questions do you have for all three witnesses? Should they be interviewed all together or one at a time? Why?
Part II of II: A woman was driving a bus down Main Street. The two passengers on the bus were handicapped people, who were going to work at the local Salvation Army. The three of them witnessed a semi-truck make an illegal left turn, hitting a gray Mercedes Benz in the process. The police report took statements from all three people, but it appears that there may be some dispute among the three as to exactly how the accident happened. The two employees from the Salvation Army seem to disagree with the driver of the bus. What questions do you have for all three witnesses?

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