An interview with an early childhood setting manager written case study

An interview with an early childhood setting manager written case study

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As with the context questions, you will need to write a set of questions to get information about each of the focus areas. This will support you with finding theory and literature relating to the issues that arise and providing you with material / examples of practice that you can critique.
• What policies and procedures does the manager have in place (relating to each of your focus areas)?

• What challenges or issues does each focus area present to the manager and / or setting / provision?

• What impact do these challenges or issues have on leadership and management? (You may wish to ask the manager for an example)

• What strategies or actions does / has the manager used to address these challenges or issues?

A written case study (3000 words) With the information gathered from the interview, you will be able to develop a case study that explores:
• The key issues
• Challenges
• Strategies
Which relate to your chosen interview questions / focus areas. You must ensure that you are referring to your interview and providing examples from the answers provided by the manager as a means of comparing and contrasting against existing literature on similar themes / topics of discussion. Students who write a critique but do not refer to the interview or examples of practice that the manager provides will not pass the assignment. You must ensure that you use a broad range of books, journal articles, reports etc to support your critique. Please ensure you use credible websites and media. Marks may be deducted if there is a limited range of resources or minimal evidence of reading and research.

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