Internationalisation of Education system – ASEAN in the 21st Century

Internationalisation of Education system – ASEAN in the 21st Century

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Over hundreds and thousands from ASIAN embarked on a study abroad journey to seek a better qualification and exciting study experience in a foreign countries in the 21st century. It serves as an opportunity for students to explore new cultural lifestyle while living away from home. This experience has provided students with the opportunity to experience self-actualization through life challenges while enhancing cross-cultural communication skills, an important criteria to be successful in a rapidly globalized society.

The fact is, countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand have benefited from the large presence of international students. The knowledge and cultural experience that international students have brought from their home countries have contributed to the internationalization of the campus. It’s time for education institutions in ASEAN nations to proactively look into offering similar opportunities for international students to live and study in our region as this will contribute enormously not just to the internationalization of campus environment, but to the region economically and social-culturally.

In addition to that, cultural diversity in the student population will prepare our student for a globalized workforce. Student mobility and exchange program needs to be fostered through partnership among education institutions across the borders, supported and facilitated by the Ministries of Higher Education across our region.

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