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This coursework assignment for this module assesses all of the
Learning Outcomes for the module. These are to be able to ;

1.Evaluate International Operations Management in real world scenarios.
2.Demonstrate critical awareness of the issues, problems and practices that characterise International Operations Management.
3.Critically evaluate and apply International Operations Management techniques in different national and cultural settings
4.Apply the issues that are associated with FDI, outsourcing, CSR to the sustainability of International Operations Management

To assess the Learning Outcomes the assignment asks you to;

1)Apple are seen as an organization that undertakes most of its operations across national borders. Using the published sources such as journal articles, text books, newspaper entries and the internet, appraise the following aspects of the operations of the business;

The coordination and control of international elements of the operation The supply chain The use of outsourcing or FDI (or both) The Corporate responsibility of the organization (60%)

2) Critically appraise the sustainability of the approach to the operations that are taken by Apple (30%)

A further 10% of the marks will be awarded for presentation i.e. Clarity of expression, use of logical arguments and grammar, syntax, spelling as well as appropriate structuring of the assignment and Harvard referencing.


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