International Marketing Plan

International Marketing Plan

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The international marketing plan must be addressed to the CEO of your chosen company and contain a clear sales objective for the first year e.g. £50,000 in gross sales (£15,000 in net revenue). The plan must have options and making firm, clear and costed decisions regarding:

1. What is to be achieved? – Business objectives. (100 words)

2. Which country and why? – Country screening. (350) Screen all countries CBNVR

3. Which market segment(s)? – STP (500)

4. What is to be achieved in the chosen market? – Marketing Objectives (250)

5. How will you bring the product to the customer? – Entry Mode Selection (500)

6. How will you compete and generate value? – Detailed International Marketing Mix (1000)

7. How much will the promotional element cost? Will we make or lose money in year 1?

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