International Marketing

International Marketing

International Marketing

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International Marketing State the number of words used at the end of your assignment. You may include diagrams, figures etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded. You have to mention total word count at end of assignment before references.
01-10% excess No penalty
11-20% excess 10% reduction in the marks
21-30% excess 20% reduction in the marks
31%+ excess Work will be capped at a pass i.e. 40% or grade point 4.
NB. None of the above penalties will be used to change a student mark, which is above the pass mark, to one that is below the pass mark. Therefore, the maximum penalty for exceeding the word limit will be a reduction to a pass grade.
This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:

1) Identify and critically evaluate the major environmental influences affecting global and international markets to justify recommended strategies;
2) Apply appropriate analytical models and frameworks to analyse, assess and critically appraise global and international marketing situation.


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