International fashion marketing

International fashion marketing

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Questions (and activities) for International Fashion Marketing Students.

(Please note that you will not be able to answer the questions without researching further from the case study/story outlined here, however I found it quite easy to gather the story so far and presented here purely for discussion)

We will progress methodologically  through these questions in both large and smaller feedback groups, as the lecture themes relating to them are explored, so don’t worry if some of the terms are unfamiliar at present.

Always, we will be starting with the big picture by applying the business tools available to us, then progressing down to the functional and operational issues. Then you can do this with any company you want to investigate.


  • Undertake a PEST analysis on Brora and the cashmere industry in general
  • Carry out a thorough SWOT analysis on Brora, incorporate this with a MACRO/MICRO analysis.
  • Which quadrant(s) of the BCG matrix are apparent
  • What types of research might have been undertaken to facilitate an entry into NYC
  • Outline, motivations, barriers to entry and push/pull factors related to their internationalisation process
  • Comment upon Brora’s ‘domestic saturation’
  • Undertake a full competitor analysis, if this has not been included in one of the above activities
  • Undertake an NYC competitor analysis
  • What aspects of standardisation and adaptation would you recommend for the retail offer
  • Advantages and disadvantages of 100% ownership?
  • What comparisons can you make between UK and overseas online facilities and communications?


     Remember; this final year’s mantra for critical analysis, why? How come?


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