international business discussion board

international business discussion board

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1. A firm based in Washington State wants to export a shipload of finished lumber to the Philippines. The would-be importer cannot get sufficient credit from domestic sources to pay for shipment, but insists that the finished lumber can quickly be resold in the Philippines for a profit. Outline the steps that the exporter should take to effect the export of this shipment to the Philippines.

2. An alternative to using a letter of credit is export credit insurance. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using export credit insurance as opposed to a letter of credit for (a) exporting a luxury yacht from California to Canada, and (b) exporting machine tools from New York to Ukraine?

3. Reread the Management Focus on Philips in China then answer the following questions:

4. What are the major benefits to Philips of shifting so much of its global production to China?

5. What are the risks associated with a heavy concentration of manufacturing assets in China?

6. Please introduce a relevant current events story from the news, provide a link to the story, a proper citation and your comments, summary or interpretation of the story and its relevance to our studies this week. note: ( this is a discussion board so no need to be lengthy just short brief answer)

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