International Accounting & reporting

International Accounting & reporting

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Address the following questions with one paragraph for each. The questions are as follows:

1. What is a social entrepreneur?
2. How do you define corporate social responsibility (SCR) accounting? How does this relate to the sustainability movement that is popular now? (i.e., similarities and differences)
3. Research the roots of SCR. Why do you believe it is not as prominent today as in the 1970s? What is your opinion of the efficacy of this area of accounting? A Blooming Business
4. As a western civilized person going into the business world, what type of soul searching does this film make you consider?
5. What workplace issues that you take for granted were violated in this industry?
6. What sustainability or SCR issues were highlighted?
7. The flower industry in Naivasha – and globalization elsewhere in the world – demands its price both socially and ecologically. Discuss these costs.
8. After watching this film, what would you tell a friend about fair trade certified flowers? Are all FTD’s flowers fair trade certified?
9. What is the state of Fair Trade Certification enforcement? Are there other certification programs? Discuss.
10. Look at the report on Integrated Financial Sustainability Reporting under the file section that has be sent to you. Assume FTD has contacted you to provide financial consulting regarding the presentation of their annual report. What qualitative and quantitative measures would you suggest they include or consider adopting? Where should these be included in the annual report?

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