Interesting Excellent topic related to Race in Research and Health

Interesting Excellent topic related to Race in Research and Health

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Assignment #1: Race in Research and Health Care (20%) Due Date: 10/3/2014 Read the articles posted under the folder: Race in Research and Health Care  Write a paper (maximum four double spaced typewritten pages) that addresses the following:  Introduction- introduce the topic of race in health care and research, what are the basic issues/problems of race in health care and research. Why is this an issue that needs to be addressed. (10%) Summary of Articles- Present the basic premise of each author(s) in each article- summarize in your own words what each author was saying about this issue. (20%) Comparing/Contrasting Articles – Discuss the evidence of each author
provided to support for his or her position. Compare/contrast the similarities and differences between each authors’ positions. Do they justify their position with clear evidence? Is their argument appropriate and applicable to health care and research? (25%) Student Position: Identify your position on this issue and address the following questions: (25%) Do you feel that the inclusion of race as a variable in demographic information given in health care and/or in research is appropriate after reading the articles? Why or why not A statement stating which position you consider most compelling and your rationale for choosing that position using supportive evidence from the literature beyond the assigned articles for this assignment How does knowing a client’s race potentially influence health care and/or research in health care positively and negatively. ( again be sure to use supportive evidence from the literature)

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