Innocent Drinks or any suitable one

Innocent Drinks or any suitable one

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For this project you are required to select a topic relevant to an organisation, abrand or an issue, and then conduct market research, strategize, and create a‘big idea’ to be expressed as an integrated campaign including elements ofboth Public Relations and Advertising. Your proposal will be presented to anindependent expert panel, whose views will help to inform the final marksawarded.The campaign will consist of the following steps:

1) Organisation, brand or issueChoose an organisation, topic or consumer category that interests you, and (ifrelevant) select a brandeg. Public service: Transport for London; Not-for-profit: Oxfam; Consumergoods: Coca-Cola or Sainsbury’s; Media: The Guardian or Facebook. Theseare just a few examples. You must find an organisation, a topic or a brand thatinterests you. A critical element in your choice will be your ability to come upwith a campaign idea that your designated  organisation would be willing tolisten to, and ultimately to fund. So, you will be seeking to persuade THEM inthe first instance. The expert panel of judges will consider your proposal fromthat point of view.

2) Market researchUndertake relevant research and describe what you have found. Inadvertising terms, this may be called a brand analysis. In public relationsterms it may be called a situation analysis. Whatever you call it, it mustprovide relevant background facts and figures which give a factual insight intothe problem or opportunity you will be facing.This may include a brief investigation in to the organisation or brand’s currentstanding, and (if relevant) any competition it faces. Your objective is to revealopportunities which can be seized or solutions which can be found throughthe use of clever strategic communication techniques.

3) Strategic thinkingWrite a strategy that targets the consumer (or other target audience) with a message that persuades. Note: Advertising campaigns need to include certain key elements. PR campaigns need to include certain key elements too. These elements will be addressed at length in class. You must pay attention to the detailed guidance which will be given.

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