Injury & Blood borne pathogen prevention

Injury & Blood borne pathogen prevention

Injury & Blood borne pathogen prevention

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Injury & Blood borne pathogen prevention For this you will take the position of a an occupational health and safety consultant that was hired to improve the health and safety conditions of the Kitchen Cabinet manufacturing facility that was cited for multiple serious violations of workplace safety and health standards (Occupational Health and Safety, 2009). These OSHA inspections were prompted by an accident in 2008 in which a company employee lost two fingers when he operated an unguarded saw. OSHA found the employees in this facility at risk of laceration,
amputations, crushing, and eye injuries. In connection with the accident, OSHA also identified deficiencies in requiring safeguards for employees who responded to and cleaned up blood after the accident, including lack of an exposure control plan to eliminate or minimize employees’ exposure to blood borne pathogens.

Task for this SLP 5 assignment—write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:
1.Describe the short term and the long term strategies you would implement in this facility to address: A) the risks from unguarded machines and moving machine parts, B) the risks from blood borne pathogens.
2.Outline an Injury and Illness Prevention Program that you would implement in this facility to reduce the risk of worker exposure to all the hazards that you addressed in SLP 1-5 (including the ones you described in SLP 5).


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