Initial Public Offering of finance (IPO)

Initial Public Offering of finance (IPO)

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Detailed Instructions (50 Marks)

Literature Review and Analysis of a Case study


–(Please note that you are expected to do all subsections from (a) to (e))


(a) Select a topic:

Entrepreneurial Finance

Alternative Sources of Financing

Entrepreneurial Life Cycle

Initial Public Offering (IPO)


(b)Review the literature (10-15 articles at least)onthat topic. Review of trade journals and professional literature is also encouraged. You will need to pick something specific within the more general topics above.


(c) Select a real life company


(d) Research and gather information and data about that company and write a short case study about it (in the context of the topic you have chosen above).

(e) Relate your findings about the company of choice to what you learned from the literature review of a topic of your choice.

E.g. might look like this:

Topic selected – Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Reviewed the literature (10-15 articles at least) around IPOs (and decided from that to concentrate on“ Long Term Underperformance of IPOs” )

Company selected: Tesco Plc Research and gather information and data about that company and its IPO (f rom Bloomberg, Datastream, company website, The PROSPECTUS document prepared by the company before goingfor floatation, case book and other sources).Presented findings about Tesco and commented on the extent to which what has happened to Tesco is as what the literature suggests– has Tesco’s share underperformed in the long run?Organisation of the written piece:

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