Informatics Related – Literature Review Assignment

Informatics Related – Literature Review Assignment

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My major is I.T networking. you can choose whatever research topic related to my future career. here’s the rest of the assignment; Attached is the Informatics Related Literature Review Assignment. Please review and complete. Attachment: Informatics Related Literature Review.pdfOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReader Note: To begin your search, I would recommend using Google Scholar ( which is a meta-search engine that assists researchers in locating relevant scholarly literature from a variety of sources. For Google Scholar to be most useful in accessing research articles you will want to specify Forsyth as your local library. To do so: Select Settings > Library links > Search for ‘Forsyth’ or ‘Fort Hays State University’ > Then, select and Save Informatics Related – Literature Review Assignment The purpose of this project is for students to learn about both the tools used to find research studies and the components and methods used for academic studies. Instructions: Focusing on a topic that would relate to your future career, find an electronic version of a recently published study (2014 or newer) from a refereed academic journal (peerreviewed). Studies older than 2014 will not be accepted. You might, for example, find a study on responsive web design, e-commerce, mobile application development, electronic media, network design, network robustness, changes in media audiences, or organizational use of information. For each of the following, present the question in Bold and your answer in regular type. Once completed, post both your assignment document and a copy of the study to the appropriate submit location on Blackboard

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