Inferential Statistics

Inferential Statistics

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Inferential Statistics

For this discussion refer to one of the articles you found in the Capella University Library. The article should be a research report on a quantitative research study in a topic area of interest to you. Use the Article Analysis Worksheet to prepare for this discussion. Briefly summarize the article (1–2 paragraphs). Discuss the data analysis procedures, addressing each of the following issues:

• How was the data analyzed?

• What statistical procedures were used?

• What were the results?

• Did the analysis confirm the hypothesis(es)?


Use this worksheet to better understand the articles you review.

APA Reference of Article or source: Author last name, initials of first and middle names (if provided), (year of publication). Source, (volume), issue, pages


The research problem is . . . [Determine the main problem identified in the introduction that sparked the research effort.]

The previous research that has been done on this topic has found. . . [Identify the previous research the author uses to support his/her problem in the literature review.]


The research question is…[Identify the main research question that has stemmed from the research problem and review of the literature]

The hypothesis(es) for this study is (are) . . . [Identify the hypotheses the researcher tests in the study (QUANTITATIVE STUDIES ONLY)]


How many participants were in the study?

How were the participants chosen/recruited?


Were the participants separated into groups?


How did the researcher collect data from the participants?


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